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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any items you can’t take away?

We do not take organic items such as (leaves,clippings, grass, soil) and hazardous items such as (oil, antifreeze, chemicals, gasoline) or perishable (food) waste.

Where does my “junk” go if you don't dump at landfills?

At We Cycle we donate, recycle, and relocate every item removed from your home. Unlike other “junk” removal companies, we don't step foot in landfills or dumps, eliminating any harmful, dirty and infectious germs from entering your home/business.

Are there any items that have a surcharge on them?

A small surcharge may apply depending on the condition of an item. If an item such as a refrigerator, propane tank or tire is in poor condition, we charge a small fee to remove it from your home in order to dispose of it in an Eco-friendly and responsible manner. This is determined during our FREE estimate.

Do you serve all of New Jersey?

We operate throughout New Jersey. Depending on the services needed, a truck and travel fee applies. For more information, please call/text us at: 866-466-5865 or email us at:

What's included in junk removal?

Our junk removal pricing includes: prepping your home or business with floor runners, door jams, and other protective equipment to keep your home safe and clean, removal of the items, loading them onto our truck, and Eco-friendly relocation of the items.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can easily schedule an appointment in three ways:

Online on our booking form

By calling or texting 866-466-5865

Via Email:

Why can’t you give me an exact price?

We offer free estimates in order to evaluate all of your items and guarantee the best price in the industry. Because of this, we cannot give an exact price until we arrive at your location.

How big is your truck and what makes you different from the competition?

Our truck is three times larger than a standard dump truck. This equates to approximately 20 standard sofas, 30 king mattresses, or 50 stoves, and since our trucks are bigger, we save you money by saving time and gas.

If I'm satisfied with the estimate, can I schedule the removal for the same day?

Yes! We send our skilled and efficient team on every free estimate, giving you the option to complete the job the same day.

What Does Junk Removal Include?
  • We set up your home or business with safety equipment that will protect your property.  
  • We remove all the items from anywhere on your property.
  • We load up and relocate, recycle, or donate all your items in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We clean up, sweep up, and leave your property neat. 
What Does General Labor include?

The time is yours! This means we will help you with any labor that does not require a licensed professional.

What does delivery include?

We will pack, wrap, and Deliver anything that we can load in our truck. We take all jobs small or big, local or within New Jersey.