WeCycle was created by two experienced guys in the moving and junk industry, who discovered that there was another industry from within. Thousands of junk removal jobs and routine visits to the landfill made us realize that not only was dumping “junk” wrong, but that the majority of furniture, recyclable goods, and other household items we were hauling deserved a second chance. It felt wrong misleading our customers, and led us to create a strategic plan to remove every item responsibly by recycling, donating, and relocating. Our mission became to maintain a small carbon footprint and lessen the impact we have on our environment. We want to make a difference by creating a 100% dump-free company; our disposal techniques involve working with community centers, shelters, and youth programs. Eliminating the usual trip to the landfill means saving our planet, and in return, saving you money.


WeCycle not only saves you money on removals, we save you money by recycling your unwanted items. Recycling allows manufactures to make goods faster without using raw materials, in turn producing less pollution and cutting energy consumption. As a result recycled products then become available at a discounted price to buyers and consumers. Recycling doesn't just save you money, but it preserves our resources, protects our wildlife, and helps fight global warming and climate change. This is why we make recycling the alternative to the landfill, and offer it at a conveniently affordable price.


In addition to recycling, we pride in giving back to our community by donating any reusable item.  Donations can benefit people who are hungry, cold, and are less fortunate. We promise to make sure all your items are given a second chance to fight hunger, aid in world tragedies, and help a veteran in need. Relocating your unwanted items is not all we move, we provide delivery services for all your needs. Our delivery services include but are not limited to: hardware store, online purchases or sales, business delivery, residential delivery, appliances, and much more. If it fits in our truck we will deliver it anywhere in New Jersey. Our professionals are trained to pack, wrap, and custom crate items to ensure that they arrive safe and intact. All our deliveries include loading and unloading to and from any location of your choice. In addition to our delivery services, we also provide general labor services to help you with most of your home improvement needs. If you have a project, we have the skills and tools to make it possible. From moving around heavy furniture, to assembling a new shed, we are here to help. Take a look at some of our before and after photos to see some of our work, or contact us for any questions.